ul. Ks. Londzina 61, 43-246 Strumień, Poland

About the company 

The company, Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych STRUMET, started its activity at the beginning of 1995. Our scope of activities encompasses the design and production of reusable steel containers used in transport and storage. Our registered seat and the production plant is in Strumień in the Śląskie province in the Cieszyński district. The enterprise area covers 87 000 m2 of industrial space, of which the majority is occupied by production halls and warehouses. We employ more than 500 qualified employees. Experience gained during the implementation of several hundreds of designs lets us meet the high requirements of our clients.

Most of our products constitute containers made to special order, tailored to the client's individual needs. The main consumer of our products is the automotive industry, but our products are also used in many other sectors.

We possess our own construction office, tool room and prototype room, thanks to which we can draw up a design virtually for every container type. Modern and cost-efficient machines as well as high- technology production lines enable us to complete orders fast and on time. The certified Factory Production Inspection will ensure the compliance of products with requirements.