ul. Ks. Londzina 61, 43-246 Strumień, Poland

After twelve years’ experience in the field of hot-dip galvanising, we are extending our range into zinc-electroplating services.

In June 2020, we brought on stream a new hall equipped with two automated lines – one suspension and one drum-mounted - for applying zinc coatings using the electrolytic method.

Zinc coatings are applied in electrolyte baths containing zinc ions. which are deposited onto steel surfaces as a result of electric-current flow. Before the application of the zinc, steel components and structures are carefully degreased and stripped of their oxide layer. Technologically equipped lines facilitate the application of protective and decorative zinc coatings on steel structures suspended on hangers, and with small details placed in drums. Additional processes include the finishing of coatings – by white, yellow, or titanium passivation  –  and by providing additional protection through sealing. The final operation is drying.